By James Phillips

Ecaped Convict

The prisoner has been on the run for 13 days.

The escape prisoner whose name is Danelo Cavlacante just got a life sentence for the murder of his girlfriend. That same night, he made a bold escape, by climbing backwards up a small enclosed area. Then God on the roof and crawled through a barbed wire fence.

Once his escape was discovered the police were notified and the chase began. Danelo Was spotted close to the prison hello but i waited the police. Through do neighbors ring doorbell systems, he was tracked but still not caught. He now pad shaved, god other clothes and still on the loose.

Upwards of 500 officers are surrounding his latest location within eight miles.

Presently there are over 500 police officers on the trail. And it was noted on the last doorbell camera he now has a rifle. In my opinion, I believe it was a time of opportunity, Bevan Said. I think he Went in probably trying to hide, the garage door was open, and he didn't, I believe, recognize the homeowner was in there. Ran for the garage, saw the firearm, grabbed that, encountered the homeowner and fled with the firearm.

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